CAPS™ Works. Training Makes It Work For You.

“We design and build our airplanes to be the safest. That’s always our top goal. We also want all of aviation to be safer. As a whole, our entire industry can do better. The parachute is a vital part of our safety plan.”

- Dale Klapmeier, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For Safer Skies.

The original inspiration for the whole-airplane parachute on the Cirrus airplane was a mid-air collision that could have led to tragedy. But instead it led to the creation of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System—the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation.

From the start of our company, each and every day, the profound passion for everyone at Cirrus is to create safer airplanes, safer pilots and safer skies. Not just for Cirrus pilots, but all pilots. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission.

CAPS Saves Lives.

The jury is in. The case is closed. CAPS works and it saves lives. In fact, there are 105 people alive today because a Cirrus pilot pulled the chute in time to avert a tragedy. Our commitment to CAPS training only gets stronger when we realize that over 100 serious injuries and fatalities could have had different outcomes if the pilot in command of the Cirrus deployed CAPS. Don’t become one of these tragic statistics.



Saved To Date

CAPS deployments have saved 105 lives around the world.


The Chute Will Do Its Job, If You Do Yours.

CAPS is a truly remarkable safety innovation. But every new and innovative device requires training to master. CAPS is about more than just pulling a handle. It takes training and a safety-first mindset to make CAPS deployment an instinctual act in situations where you have lost control of the airplane. To support our pilot community, we have developed a wide range of reference materials and training resources. That is why we recommend recurrent training that includes CAPS deployment scenarios as an area of focus every twelve months.

Training Resources

Part of our commitment to safety includes creating and promoting access to the training resources you need to be the safest pilot possible. Please make use of these materials and be sure you take advantage of the training and support that has been created for your benefit.

CAPS Handle Equipped Simulators

Flight SchoolAirportCityStateCountryContactAvionicsMotion
Aero PoznanEPPOPoznanPoland+48.61.8474773Cirrus PerspectiveYes
Aerosim Flight AcademyKSFBSanfordFLUSA800.822.6359AvidyneNo
Blue Sky AviationKRYYKennesawGAUSA770.262.7629AvidyneYes
Cirrus Aircraft HeadquartersKDLHDuluthMNUSA800.279.4322Cirrus PerspectiveNo
Glass Simulator CenterKARRSugar GroveILUSA888.746.8724AvidyneNo
Independence Aviation - DenverKAPAEnglewoodCOUSA303.410.2940AvidyneNo
Performance FlightKHPNWhite PlanesNYUSA914.397.1444Cirrus PerspectiveNo
Recurrent Training CenterKCMISavoyILUSA217.352.2787AvidyneNo
The Flight Academy - North Las VegasKVGTLas VegasNVUSA206.219.3720AvidyneYes
Western Michigan UniversityKBTLBattle CreekMIUSA269.387.1000AvidyneNo
Lake Superior CollegeKDLHDuluthMNUSA218.733.7737AvidyneNo
Purdue UniversityKLAFLafayetteINUSA765.494.5782Cirrus PerspectiveNo


CAPs Checklist

CAPS Deployment Checklist Though simple, each Cirrus pilot should be familiar with the procedures surrounding a CAPS deployment.
Download CAPS Checklist

CAPs Guide

Guide to CAPS Introduction to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System - History, statistics, and best practices.
Download CAPS Guide

CAPs Syllabus

CAPS Training Syllabus (Pilot Edition) Every Cirrus Pilot should complete this syllabus every twelve months from a qualified Cirrus instructor.
Download Syllabus

CAPS Is There For A Reason. Be Prepared.

CAPS has proven it can save lives, but only if it is understood and used at the right time. We hope you will take advantage of the information, resources and training that we provide to help assure that, should the situation arise, you are ready to deploy CAPS and have a safe outcome for you and your passengers. To find the training facility nearest you, or for assistance related to any safety training question, please call us today at 218.788.3261.

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