Rob Haig
Executive Director, Flight Training & Operations; Chief Pilot

Rob Haig is the Executive Director of Flight Training & Operations and Chief Pilot at Cirrus Aircraft. He is responsible for leading the on-going development of the Vision Jet and SR2X flight training programs, directing the creation of customer training material for Cirrus Approachâ„¢ and assuring the standardization of Cirrus corporate pilots.

Rob joined Cirrus in 2003 as a Factory Flight Instructor and was promoted to Manager of Flight Training, overseeing the development and conduct of 61 transition training courses that supported the sale and delivery of the SR20 and SR22. His current focus is developing and implementing a training system that will support the Vision Jet entry into service. As Chief Pilot, Rob has acquired more than 4,000 flight hours and holds ATP, CFII and MEI ratings, including a Vision Jet LOA.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics from the University of North Dakota and has flown Cirrus aircraft in more than 20 countries and across 49 states.


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