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Dominion Aviation Services, Inc. Expanded to Fully Encompass the Cirrus Life

Thomas “Mike” Mickel’s solid belief in Cirrus aircraft had him make a major move for his business – growing to become a Cirrus Training Center (CTC). An Authorized Service Center (ASC) for over 10 years and CAPS® Certified Center, Dominion Aviation isn’t new to the family. Though it wasn’t until Mike actually flew a Cirrus, his first flight in a single engine in 15 years, and bought an SR20 for himself that he decided to teach his customers how to fly them. “When you fly with Cirrus, you’re a step above the rest. I’m a 10,000-hour ATP pilot who grew up with and worked with legacy aircraft. Now I tell my customers, ‘Why fly anything else when you could have a Cirrus?’” said Mike.

Mike wanted to give his customers the opportunity to live the Cirrus Life because, like Cirrus Aircraft, Dominion Aviation’s mission is to offer their customers the best aviation experience possible. In January 2015, Mike hit the road running after deciding to get back into the business of operating a training center. Dominion Aviation set out for their CTC certification, sent an instructor to become a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) and acquired a brand new SR20 all within a few months. Even though they started up quickly, Dominion Aviation made sure all the parts were in place for customers to have an elite flight training experience worthy of Cirrus standards.

“We do things right here, making sure every little detail is done above and beyond. That’s exactly how our flight training is completed,” said Mike. Dominion Aviation currently has two SR20s for primary training to make sure all foundations are covered and two SR22s for advanced training to continue student learning beyond the Private Pilot License. Being a CTC with multiple Cirrus aircraft in their fleet – along with having two CSIPs on staff, shows that Dominion Aviation is invested in their customers’ learning. This investment has become a part of their passion to deliver world-class service.

Starting a CTC was successful and advantageous for Dominion Aviation because they have jet aircraft management and charter services up their sleeve as well. All of this is great news for customers because their 30 years of expertise operating jets will provide a great basis for future Vision SF50 Personal Jet owners. They are also Richmond Executive Airport’s exclusive FBO, so adding flight training for customers fully encompasses every aviation experience to make Dominion Aviation a one-stop shop.

Knowing what Cirrus aircraft are fully capable of, Dominion Aviation has big ambitions for the future: adding three new aircraft to their fleet every year, gaining another CSIP and working on converting current aircraft customers into Cirrus owners. “Cirrus aircraft are comfortable, safe and revolutionize flying. You don’t need to be a top-level corporate jet owner to have an airplane. For an average businessman, this aircraft beats regional travel, and I never thought you could do that in a small aircraft before flying a Cirrus. I want our customers in these,” explained Mike.

With these goals, Dominion Aviation plans to continue being a loyal partner by expanding the Cirrus brand as far as they can. “Dominion Aviation has enjoyed every aspect of being a Cirrus partner, and now that we’re even more involved, I know we’re going to have so much more to offer our customers and each other,” concluded Mike.

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The Cirrus fleet at Dominion Aviation.