First Production Vision Jet Makes Inaugural Flight

The first production Vision Jet completed its inaugural flight in Duluth, Minnesota on 5 May, 2016. This long-anticipated moment reveals the readiness of the Vision Jet for FAA certification and for subsequent customer deliveries. Coined P1, this first production jet has allowed Cirrus to prove out each and every design and build process along the way. Item by item, test by test, P1 represents the maturity of every stage of production in the Vision Jet program.

P1 had a large and captive audience for it’s big moment. Test pilot Terry LeSage reported just what we hoped to hear: “Pilot feedback on P1 is simple; the aircraft handled just great. It was unnoticeably different from C2 (the third of our conforming test-article jets), with handling qualities matching those of its predecessors and all systems working as intended.”

Cirrus first welcomed the cabin of P1 to Duluth last April, fresh off the truck from our Grand Forks facility, and have since seen it trimmed, drilled, assembled, bonded, receive hardware and systems installation, transition through wing and stabilizer hang, engine installation, flight controls and accessories mounted, and finally the first coat of primer applied.

The pace of completing this first production aircraft has been deliberate and steady by design. It was built in tandem with the certification test process and proven at each station along the way. The structural components led the way, enduring a long and rigorous testing process before P1’s structures could be built out. Next, the plane moved into testing of the lamination and bonding processes, then systems testing with subsequent installation and addition of components within that area.

The first flight of P1 signifies a shift of focus from engineering and production over to flight testing. Cirrus will be able to fly the aircraft in an experimental state until FAA certification is achieved, and will be logging many flight hours during P1’s main mission of proving out the Vision SF50 training program and achieving approval from the Flight Safety Board. The aircraft is currently fulfilling approximately 10 days of flying before heading into the paint booth. After that it will return to flight test for another week before its final interior and exterior detailing is completed. It will then be ready to send to Rob Haig, Executive Director of Flight Operations, for continued training program development and Vision Instructor Pilot training.

Cirrus celebrates this monumental first flight and congratulates the Cirrus engineering, production, and flight test teams who have worked to make it all happen so successfully.

11 responses to “First Production Vision Jet Makes Inaugural Flight

  1. Ariyo Akinfenwa says:

    Congrats on the inaugural flight of your first production. Indeed it is an epoch making achievement.

  2. Neil Grimes says:

    What a stunning result. The whole Cirrus team deserves congratulations on this phenomenal achievement. You all continue to demonstrate the skill, knowledge, drive and passion needed to innovate like this. You really set a great example for us all. I cant wait to fly it.

  3. charles hatton says:

    I can relate to the journey made by Cirrus and the Vision jet program. My own journey in the world of software development is still in progress after 15 years. I have suffered setbacks, many enhancements with failures, countless tests, and people wondering if I knew what I was doing, but I am still here and on the journey.

    I can say thank you Cirrus and all the teams for your dedication, persistence, and achievement towards the American dream – it’s still what makes this Country number one and from it our ability to lead the world for the good.

  4. Michael Jarvis says:

    Great seeing SN 002 and SN 003 out at KHND this weekend – they’re gorgeous (even the test equipment interiors)!

  5. Ken Taves says:

    This takes the beauty of the original V tail bonanza to a whole new level.

    I want one!!

    When will it be ready and how much will it cost?

  6. Rush Simonson says:

    Good for you guys. So much work and so much ingenuity. Congrats.

  7. Steve Makohin says:

    This is indeed a “turning point” in General Aviation! The jet aircraft has finally evolved to a state of easy pilot transition from an advanced piston single, with a great blend of performance and utility, all at a relatively low price that’s unheard of in VLJs. It even has a surprisingly large interior volume, in a compact exterior that easily fits in a hangar. This makes jet ownership a truly PERSONAL experience, and a reality for many piston single pilots. Well played, Cirrus!

    1. Jill Holmen says:

      Thank you so much for your support!

  8. Fred Swanepoel says:

    Congratulations on this significant milestone! I have been waiting patiently for about four years for the Visionjet to come into production. As an SR22 GTS owner, I can’t wait for these aircraft to become a realistic upgrade to my current aircraft!

    I wish you all the best for the arduous certification process remaining. Please hurry!

  9. Kyle Miller says:

    I’m so excited for this aircraft to become a reality to consumers. I fly my SR22 for personal/business use and this would be a wonderful upgrade! Keep up the hard work!

  10. David St. George says:

    Congratulations Cirrus! You are a company definitely driven by a VISION! In the current aviation market it takes incredible dedication and resilience to see a project like your jet all the way through certification. Amazing!

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