Cirrus Factory Training

At Cirrus, we believe that a well trained pilot is a key element required to maximize the aircraft’s utility in the safest manner possible. We also believe that training is never concluded, but continues throughout the life of the pilot. Cirrus Aircraft’s Flight Training Department specializes in providing flight education in all Cirrus aircraft models. Train with experienced flight instructors who teach exclusively in Cirrus and are amongst the most experienced Cirrus instructors on the planet. Expand your capabilities and comfort levels in our exact cockpit replica, Frasca Flight Training Device. Select a packaged training course or work with us to build a training experience tailored specific to your needs.

Our courses can be easily adapted to meet your needs and insurance requirements. Most training is conducted one-on-one, but each course can be easily adapted to accommodate training with multiple pilots including spouses, aircraft partners, and associates. It is highly recommended to conduct training on-site in Duluth, MN, allowing you to take advantage of our Frasca Flight Training Device and avionics procedures trainer and conduct a tour of the Cirrus campus. If your schedule does not allow training in Duluth, our Factory Flight Instructor can travel to your home airport and conduct training. You can also take advantage of our Accompany Home service and simultaneously conduct training while en route from Duluth, MN to your home airport. Or, we can ferry the aircraft to you and conduct flight training at your home airport.

Our Flight Instructors

With a combined total of over 20,000 Cirrus flying and teaching hours, Cirrus Factory Instructors are amongst the most experienced Cirrus flight instructors and pilots on the planet. Based at Cirrus headquarters, our instructors teach exclusively in Cirrus aircraft and specialize in providing flight instruction in all models of Cirrus aircraft.

Simulator Training

Our Frasca Flight Training Device is an exact cockpit and avionics replica of an SR20 or SR22, G3 equipped with Cirrus Perspective avionics. The Frasca TrueVision™ visual system with a 14 foot tall, 220-degree wrap around visual screen creates a realistic flight experience with the ability to simulate unlimited weather and environmental scenarios. Cirrus courses strategically integrate flight simulation to increase training efficiency and to provide realistic emergency training that is not safe or possible in the actual aircraft.

Experience the benefits and gain valuable insights by flying with a seasoned instructor who fly and teach in Cirrus aircraft throughout the US and world. Our instructors go beyond the role of a typical flight instructor and will ensure that your training event is enjoyable, educational, and worth your time and efforts.


Vision SF50 Training

Our mission is to provide a training program that is as unique as both the Cirrus Vision and the pilots who will fly the aircraft. Through the strategic use of technology, simulation, distance learning and professional flight instruction, the Cirrus Vision training program will truly be a one-of-a-kind experience. The training program is designed to build your confidence, skills and judgment to safely operate the aircraft and maximize its utility.

Cirrus will be there to guide you through each phase of our four part training program consisting of:

  • Pre Training
  • Type Rating
  • Mentoring
  • Recurrent Training

Each phase is tailored to maximize your time investment. Whether this is your first jet experience or you are a seasoned jet pilot, the Cirrus Vision training program will be customized to your abilities and experience. Stay tuned for more information.

Training Packages

Transition Training (VFR Emphasis)

The three day Cirrus Transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly a Cirrus aircraft. The course focuses on mastering aircraft control, engine management, use of avionics, use of autopilot, and important emergency/abnormal situations in VFR conditions. Completing the Transition Training course satisfies most insurance requirements or aircraft checkout procedures for pilots new to Cirrus aircraft. This package includes 3 days of one-on-one instruction, an aircraft / avionics specific pilot training kit, and 3 hours in the flight training device.

Advanced Transition Training (IFR Emphasis)

Maximize the aircraft’s utility by completing the Advanced Transition Training course. The advanced version of the Transition Training course develops your proficiency in the IFR environment and culminates with an instrument proficiency check. This package includes an aircraft / avionics specific pilot training kit, 5 days with a Factory Flight Instructor, and 6 hours in the flight training device.

Perspective Upgrade Training (VFR Emphasis)

The Perspective Upgrade course, designed for experienced Cirrus pilots upgrading into Cirrus Perspective, focuses on the skills and knowledge to operate the Cirrus Perspective avionics suite and upgraded electrical system. Rehearse basic programming tasks using the avionics procedure trainer and simulator before mastering tasks in the aircraft. The focal points of the course are VFR flight planning, communication control, PFD setup and controls, MFD page navigation and controls, autopilot usage, reversionary mode control. This package includes an avionics specific training kit, 1 day with a Factory Instructor, and 1 hour in the Flight Training Device.

Advanced Perspective Upgrade (IFR Emphasis)

The Advanced Perspective Upgrade course focuses heavily on instrument procedures in Cirrus aircraft with Perspective avionics. The course is designed for pilots that have prior Cirrus experience and desire to become instrument proficient at the conclusion of training while learning the intricacies of the Cirrus Perspective avionics system. The course concludes with an instrument proficiency check and you will enjoy the benefits of being able to maximize the aircraft’s utility right after training. This package includes 3 days with a Factory Instructor, an avionics specific training kit, and 3 hours in the flight training device.

Airframe / Power Plant Upgrade

The Airframe / Power Plant Upgrade course is a great course for Cirrus pilots upgrading into a Turbo or Turbo-normalized Cirrus. Learn need-to-know engine management techniques that are critical for engine longevity and the ins and outs of high altitude flight planning, use of supplemental oxygen, high altitude weather, physiological concerns, and emergency procedures. The package includes an aircraft and avionics specific training kit and 1 day with a Factory Instructor.

Airmanship Refresher

Many general aviation accidents occur during the landing phase of flight. These accidents are typically the result of poor airmanship or aircraft control capabilities, which may degrade over time or periods of inactivity. Complete the Airmanship Refresher course if you are interested in honing your aircraft control skills. Completing the takeoff and landing challenge along with the slow flight and stall series will boost your confidence and expand your pilot capabilities. Rehearse emergency procedures in the flight training device and know that you will be better prepared to handle situations that can arise in flight.

IFR Refresher

Real-life IMC approaches actually occur surprisingly infrequently, as does holding, circling approaches, or missed approaches. IFR pilots are strongly encouraged to complete the IFR Refresher course to help remove some rust but also to build confidence and increase aircraft utility. Pilots wishing to get back into IFR flying or looking to expand their IFR capabilities will find this course both challenging and rewarding.

CAPS (Parachute) Training

All pilots flying Cirrus aircraft should complete formal CAPS training. The training experience is greatly enhanced when conducted in a realistic flight training device. Through repetitive CAPS activations and challenging emergency situations, you’ll be more confident that you will use CAPS properly if the necessity arises in flight. This package includes 2 hours in the flight training device and a half day with a Factory Instructor. Combine this package with the Cirrus Airmanship Refresher course or other courses to increase the value of your total training experience.

Partner in Command CAPS Training

Frequent non-pilot passengers are encouraged to attend the Partner in Command course which focuses on basic procedures for activating the aircraft’s parachute system, basic autopilot procedures, and basic communication procedures. The flight training device provides an optimal environment for practicing multiple activations. In addition to CAPS activation, you’ll learn basic autopilot procedures, communication procedures, and post deployment survival tips.

Customized Flight Training or Services

Our flight training department can customize a training mission that meets your needs. You also may chose to conduct training outside of Duluth, MN or use your instructor to assist in a ferry flight or accompany home while conducting training. Contact us at 218.788.3217 or email to customize a training plan for you.