Learn To Fly

What can learning do for me?

Why should you fly? As a pilot utilizing personal aviation, you can streamline your work days and redefine your weekends. Regional travel means long, unproductive car trips, withering commercial air travel or the cramped and dated option of most personal aircraft alternatives. But with a Cirrus, it is speed, freedom, convenience, and control in luxury car comfort.

Using your Cirrus, you will be able to go places you never thought you could go during a weekend, or conduct business trips to multiple locations in a single day. So forget the two-day travel time for that meeting. Conduct business 500 miles away, and be home in time for dinner. Toss the clubs or skis and your family in your personal aircraft, and make the most of your time off.

  • Depart from local, more convenient airports
  • Commercial airlines only serve select airports. With your own Cirrus, you can fly to more than 5,000 public airports in the United States, and many more if you fly in Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and other regions.Spend less time at the airport
  • Forget the two to three hours lost at commercial airports, not to mention the inconvenience of parking, taking a bus to the terminal, standing in line to check in, standing in line again to pass security and then waiting at the gate until the airplane is ready to board.
  • Travel on your schedule, not the airline’s
  • With a private airplane, you can pull your car right next to your Cirrus, throw in your bags, conduct a 10- to 15- minute preflight inspection, start the engine and taxi for departure.
  • Fly directly to your destination, bring your family and friends and never miss a flight!

Beginning your flight training with Cirrus

Flying today isn’t what it used to be 50 or even 10 years ago. Today’s airspace is filled with more airplanes that are capable of travelling farther, faster, and higher than yesterday’s typical aircraft. Today’s pilot has also changed with the generations. He or she is probably very busy with a career, is often glued to a mobile device, and wishes there was more free time to spend with family or to enjoy other activities. He or she needs to use the airplane not only for fun, but also as a business and transportation tool.

As the world has changed, many aircraft and flight schools are still living in the days gone by. A typical flight school is offering the same type of flight training – geared toward local flying in good weather and “The $100 hamburger” – and in many cases the exact same airplane that was offered decades ago.

Cirrus aircraft are the pinnacle of what General Aviation flying means today. Features such as advanced composite technology, state of the art avionics, unparalleled safety features, ease of operation, and speed have made the Cirrus SR22 the best selling airplane in its class for the past 12 years.

Clearly, the old style of flight training is inadequate to prepare pilots for the challenges of safely and efficiently travelling thousands of miles in a single day, across multiple weather systems and through many types of airspace and terrain.

Today’s pilot needs to be thinking about these challenges from day 1 and incorporating the required skill and resource management into every flight lesson. This method of training (called Scenario-Based Training) has been proven extremely effective in many other fields including the medical, military, and law enforcement industires.

Beginning your flight education in a Cirrus aircraft with one of our talented training partners will ensure that you are being prepared for flight in the 21st century.

Training Paths

There are many ways to begin your flying journey with Cirrus. Any may be the right one for you depending on your personal situation.

Start training in your own Cirrus

If your goal is to someday own your own airplane, this may be the best option for you. Learning to fly in your own airplane will make the experience easier, safer, and potentially more economical than renting aircraft. You won’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts, rental fees and procedures, and the variability of aircraft you may fly. You may also lease your aircraft back to a flight school to offset some or even all of your operational costs – essentially “flying for free.”

Train with one of our excellent training partners

Cirrus’ global network of Cirrus Training Centers (CTCs) and Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) are experts in Cirrus flight training. Cirrus Training Centers will have a Cirrus aircraft available for rental and flight instruction along with professional flight instructors to put you on the right path of your Cirrus pilot education. Once you are ready to make the jump to aircraft ownership, your Cirrus Training Center will be able to manage your aircraft and potentially place it on their flight line to offset some or all of your operational costs.

Integrated Flight Training

For those who wish to realize the great utility and benefit of personal aviation from day 1, Cirrus and our partners offer flight training programs that integrate learning to fly with your personal and business trips. If you are a non-pilot and wish to begin your training as you fly for business or pleasure, this program may be the perfect fit. Using our state of the art Access to Flight training curriculum, your training will flow seamlessly through your Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating all while you are using your Cirrus for business or pleasure from the start.