Joy of Flying

From Duluth, MN to Lakeland, FL in difficult weather conditions? Not a problem in a Cirrus.

Cirrus SR-Series Product Line Manager Ivy McIver and Russ Niles, Editor and Owner of Canadian Aviator, knew that their window for flying was closing in, and they had to make a decision. Do we fly? Or not? After a thorough analysis of the weather and assessing the capabilities of both the aircraft and pilot, they took their opportunity and left Duluth en route to Lakeland, Florida.

Soon after leaving, conditions in Duluth became increasingly severe, so their departure couldn’t have been done at a more perfect time. Russ had flown into Duluth from Canada to tour Cirrus Aircraft’s manufacturing facility and view the progress being made on the Vision Jet program. His next stop was to SUN ‘n FUN to do a piece on the all-new, all-digital 2015 Cirrus aircraft. Lucky for him, Ivy was also heading to Florida. With ice and rain in the north and thunderstorms in the south, they would soon be utilizing every capability of the aircraft to complete their mission!

Russ decided that flying through challenging weather conditions on a cross-country flight in a Cirrus would be an ideal event to capture on film. Ivy and Russ used Cirrus Perspective integrated XM® weather to continually monitor and modify their flight plan as needed while en route. They were putting the capabilities of their Cirrus to the test.

They landed in Cincinnati to take another look at the line of storms south of Tennessee. They had moved east, so Ivy and Russ went west and safely maneuvered around all of the southern storms. They traveled 1,255 miles with a big headwind of around 50 knots. Taking them seven and a half hours to reach Florida, Ivy and Russ had been through a long day.

“We didn’t focus on ‘I have to get there’ said Ivy. Russ and I continued to evaluate our situation, and we always knew that stopping for the night short of our destination was an option due to the weather. We were okay with that. There are times when you just have to say we can’t do it, but I would not have attempted this flight in anything less capable than a Cirrus,” concluded Ivy.

View Russ’ video of the trip here.


About Ivy

Ivy McIver is the SR Product Line Manager for Cirrus Aircraft based in Duluth, MN. Ivy joined Cirrus in 2006 as a Regional Sales Director based in Salt Lake City, UT and was responsible for new and used aircraft sales in the Northern Rockies. In 2011, Ivy relocated to Seattle, WA to grow the Pacific Northwest sales territory including Western Canada and Alaska. Ivy has been in the Product Line Manager role since 2014. Ivy McIver is an ATP rated pilot with over 3,500 hours, a seaplane rating, and a love for tailwheel flying. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.