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Instrument Approach Training Videos – Next from Cirrus Approach™

The perfectly executed instrument approach – it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in aviation. There is nothing quite like breaking out of the clouds with the approach lights right in front of you. You get the sense from your passengers that you are the best pilot with whom they have ever flown – certainly on the level of Chuck Yeager.   

You didn’t get to this point by accident. There has been a lot of innovation and refinement of the technology that is available in your Cirrus to put you right on the runway centerline and glidepath. Likewise you have put a lot of effort into learning how to use this technology to improve the ease, efficiency and safety of your instrument flights.    Through our new training and safety program, Cirrus Approach, Cirrus Aircraft is committed to ensuring that every Cirrus pilot is as comfortable and proficient flying their aircraft as Mr. Yeager in the example above.  

To support this effort, we in Cirrus Flight Standards and Operations have been working hard on our next set of learning videos for our eFOM series. While our first set of videos focused on Normal Landings, Crosswind Landings and Go-Arounds, we are now setting our sights on instrument approach procedures. Over the next few weeks we plan to release five new videos: Instrument Approach Procedures Overview, ILS Approaches, GPS Approaches, VOR Approaches and Missed Approach Procedures. These videos provide step-by-step procedural guidance, a dive into some confusing or misunderstood concepts and demonstrations of the great capability available in your Cirrus, all delivered in a fun and engaging manner by our expert Cirrus Factory Flight Instructors.   

Please visit cirrusaircraft.com/approach to learn more and to sign up to view our new training courses. We can’t wait to release these videos, but in the meantime please enjoy a little sample of what is to come, outtakes included:

Video: Cirrus Approach™ Preview

This post was written by Travis Klumb – Director of Flight Standards, Operations and Customer Experience at Cirrus Aircraft.