Introducing Cirrus Perception

The Cirrus Perception™ special mission platform combines the world’s most sophisticated single engine aircraft with modern, lightweight airborne sensors. The removable, reconfigurable sensor mounting system can carry an array of different vendor provided sensors. In today’s challenging budget environment, the Cirrus Special Mission Platform is a force multiplier, allowing one plane to service multiple missions.

Mission Flexibility

To meet customer mission requirements, Cirrus has partnered with recognized experts in the special mission industry. Working closely with our partners, Cirrus Perception™ offers an array of sensor and user station options, including multi-spectral and electro-optical infrared capabilities. The options are customizable to accommodate any payload within the size and weight requirements. Additionally, Cirrus is working with a number of sensor providers and system integrators to ensure the best integration services available.

One Plane. Multiple Missions.

The proprietary Cirrus Sensor Mounting System (SMS) is the core of the Cirrus Perception’s mission flexibility. The modular, removable and reconfigurable system is FAA certified and designed to provide ultimate mission flexibility with a variety of sensor options. Sensors can be easily swapped or removed entirely. With no sensor system mounted, the Cirrus Perception is flown as a standard SR22 or SR22T

  • Airborne Command & Control
  • Traffic Enforcement & Studies
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Land Use Surveys
  • All-Weather Transport
  • Companion Trainer
  • Airborne Law Enforcement
  • Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
  • Infrastructure + Border Surveillance
  • ISR
  • Border Patrol
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Aerial Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Disaster Management

Sensor Removal In Under 5 Minutes

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