Red Bull Air Race World Championships Ascot, UK Race Review

It was a thrilling start to the second half of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship season at the Ascot, UK racecourse. Competition escalated to a fierce new level as pilot after pilot pushed to the limit, breaking track records and teasing the odds in the race to advance. Australia’s Matt Hall barely topped overall leader Matthias Dolderer of Germany for the win at Sunday’s race, proving that the odds are still in play heading into the final three races of the season.

Mike Goulian and Team #99 advanced to the Final 4 for the first time this season and were pleased with their overall fourth place finish. Combating a number of issues with the airplane, Team #99 worked tirelessly throughout the week to adjust and modify a number of aircraft components. A new lightweight carbon fiber fuel tank was installed, replacing the former aluminum tank to move the center of gravity backwards and shave six pounds off of the overall aircraft weight.

“In Ascot, my goal was to not put too much pressure on race day,” said Mike Goulian. Practice rounds have been continuously fast and the team’s goal was to relieve the feeling of pressure from race day and make a smooth transition from training into competition. “We feel like we accomplished that,” he continued. “In the United Sates, we have the Superbowl. When you come to Ascot, you have that same feeling; everyone is watching. It makes you feel alive and makes you fly all that much better.” Finishing fourth felt like a win to the Goulian team, but they are hungry for more. Momentum continues to build and they are feeling extremely confident heading into the races in Lausitzring, Germany on 3-4 September.

Finals for the Ascot race ranked Matt Hall of Australia in first place with a time of 1:03.426 followed by Matthias Dolderer of Germany in second and Hannes Arch of Austria taking third. Cirrus congratulates Mike Goulian and his team and looks forward to another invigorating race in Germany!

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