Cirrus Aircraft started with a determination to change the world of aviation through innovation. Through the years, we have continuously refined and enhanced the SR Series with improvements to performance, comfort, convenience and safety. It’s why the SR Series has continuously led the industry as the best-selling piston aircraft in its class for sixteen years in a row.

Introducing the culmination of these collective advances: the 2018 Cirrus Aircraft G6.


The Cirrus Aircraft G6 features Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin® – an exquisite alliance of simplicity and performance that seamlessly connects the aircraft and the aviator.

The QWERTY keypad provides an intuitive interface for efficient data entry. Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity enables quick transfers of flight plans and weather information. Ultra-high speed processors support enhance safety features, like SurfaceWatch and animated NEXRAD radar. All this combines with a number of new features for 2018 to make the most innovative SR Series ever.

Multi-Pane MFD Functionality

splits the MFD display to show both an approach chart and a moving map and/or static flight plan. The 2018 Cirrus Aircraft G6 is the first and only aircraft to offer this multi-pane functionality on a G1000 NXI-based flight deck.

Enhanced Frequency Management

allows you to choose a frequency from the waypoint page and place it in any of the 4 available COM slots with a single button push.

Target Fuel Flow Indicator

provides a cyan best economy fuel flow target for the SR20 and SR22T, as well as a target fuel flow for both best power and best economy the SR22, streamlining the leaning procedure and reducing pilot workload.

Flight Data Streaming

uses the Flight Stream 510 to transfer flight data from the Perspective+ flight deck to your Garmin Pilot app. Once on the ground, your flight data is automatically uploaded to your flyGarmin account where you can review your flight or share the flight data log straight from the Garmin Pilot app.

Auto Level

engages the autopilot LVL function if the aircraft maneuvers outside of the ESP envelope for more than 20 seconds in any 40 second period. The system will give both a visual and aural alert to announce that autopilot has been engaged in LVL mode.

Wire Aware™

alerts pilots to Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines in the United States, which typically include those that span rivers, canyons, valleys or are within the vicinity of airports. The wires are displayed on both the PFD and MFD, and are part of the obstacle database.

Approach Speed Cue

displays a green circle on the airspeed tape of FIKI equipped aircraft to show the optimal approach speed. It’s a similar enhancement to V-Ref found in the Vision® Jet.


Cirrus Spectra™ wingtip lighting makes an iconic statement and doubles the brightness so you can arrive and be seen. Automotive-style wingtip halo lighting operates within 300 feet of the surface and pulsing ‘wig-wag’ functionality above 300 feet maximizes visibility. It gives the Cirrus Aircraft G6 an unmistakable presence anytime – day or night.


The 2018 Cirrus Aircraft G6 premium design collections have a dramatic new look with additional color options to appease even the most discerning owner.

exterior schemes boast bold and aggressive paint lines with two new colors: Titan Grey and Monarch Blue.

exterior schemes exude elegance with continuous, fluid paint lines along the fuselage and echoed in each wheel fairing featuring a new color: Phantom Silver.

exterior schemes have been updated to include a new color: Dragonfly.

Crafted to reflect the sophistication and comfort of a luxury automobile, the stunning interior of the SR Series combines premium materials, style, technology and convenience.

The interiors for 2018 have been reimagined for all three premium design collections: CARBON, PLATINUM and RHODIUM. Diamond stitching is featured in the Platinum and Rhodium interiors, while the Carbon interior incorporates additional Alcantara and Superior Blue premium leather has been added as a color option.


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