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The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System — CAPS®— is your ultimate backup for those rarest and most inconceivable situations.
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Ultimate Backup

Cirrus Aircraft strives to advance general aviation by building safer airplanes that are comfortable, stylish, and easy to fly — and CAPS is an essential part of achieving that goal. It’s designed to change the odds and give Cirrus pilots, and passengers, the ultimate backup.

Pulling CAPS

With a simple pull of the red T-handle, the rocket-propelled parachute system deploys and lowers the entire airplane — so you, and your passengers — back to the ground while still safely inside the protected environment of your Cirrus. What this really means is — more than 170 people have been returned to their families because of CAPS.


CAPS is more than an essential safety system, it’s a mindset. With CAPS you have more options, should you face that incredibly rare “worst-case” scenario.

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System

Handle to Canopy

CAPS training is designed for every Cirrus pilot. In this course you’ll walk through a complete CAPS deployment, starting with your decision to pull the CAPS handle, exploring every step along the way. You’ll hear from people who’ve actually used CAPS, and we’ll ask you to think about some tough questions — putting you in their shoes and forcing you to think about how you’d respond. As you follow the deployment process, you’ll dig into the system components that actually make CAPS work. Finally, you’ll review strategies for keeping CAPS involved in your decision-making process, leveraging lessons learned from within the Cirrus community — from owners, pilots, Cirrus factory test pilots, and CSIPs. The objective is pretty straightforward — provide you with complete CAPS training, so you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence to deploy CAPS, should you need it.


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