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The freedom of personal aviation offers something for everyone, and few things are more rewarding than earning a license to fly. We’ve developed a highly-specialized and flexible FAA-based flight training program to help you earn your Cirrus wings!

Expert Training

Engaging Videos & Courses

Safety-Driven Focus

Program Overview

While training alongside Cirrus-certified flight instructors, you’ll work through online courses, interactive simulator sessions and exhilarating flight lessons tailored specifically to flying a Cirrus aircraft. You’ll learn the foundational aeronautical skills and gain the experience necessary to become a confident and proficient pilot while meeting the FAA requirements to earn your license.


• Engaging Video Content
• Self-Study Materials
• Interactives & Quizzes


• Dedicated Instructor/Training Partners
• In-Flight Training
• Simulator Exercises

Ready to Take Flight?

Take a look at everything the program has to offer and begin the exciting journey of unlocking the Cirrus Life™.
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Take to the skies knowing that you are training with expert instructors in the industry’s safest and most innovative aircraft.

Choosing a Training Partner

The Cirrus Private Pilot Program is designed to complement your flight training with a Cirrus Training Center (CTC) or Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) as you begin your aviation journey. If you have not already partnered with a CTC or CSIP, please click the link below to find one nearest you.

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