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The Cirrus SR Series is designed to be safe, reliable, and simple to fly. Making this possible is a host of systems that support you throughout every flight. Our SR Series Systems course consists of 10 complete aircraft systems explored in 4+ hours of video learning.
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Built by Cirrus

The SR Series Systems Course is designed for those pilots who are committed to the learning lifestyle and want to dig a little deeper into their Cirrus, for those who are preparing for a practical test, and for the new Cirrus owner. This course takes you inside your Cirrus, exploring everything from flight controls to the powerplant, and everything in between. This is training built by the people who build your Cirrus.

Crucial Connection

Each system, in its own way, serves as a crucial connection between you, your Cirrus, and the flight environment. Understanding this human-machine interface is essential in enhancing the safety and efficiency of each flight. Digging deeper into each system gives you a little more background into how it works, answering the “why?” and “how?”, and allowing you to better leverage each system to reduce your workload — or troubleshoot it in the unlikely event a problem arises.


Dive inside each SR Series System using 3D graphics developed from the actual engineering drawings that were used to design your Cirrus.

Practical Perspective

Combined with the knowledge of the entire Cirrus community — from engineers who designed the system components, to factory test pilots and CSIPs who fly the SR-series every day, the SR Series Systems Course presents each system from the perspective of the pilot.


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