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High Altitude SR22T – UK to Prague

In November, the Cirrus UK and Cirrus Advanced Flight Training team flew from Sywell to Prague to attend a Cirrus Training Conference by our global flight training manager, Karl Fischbach. The informative conference involved many CTCs and CSIPs from around Europe, and was a great opportunity to reconnect in-person with the wider team, but also listen to key presentations around training focus areas, and the investments and developments Cirrus are making to further grow the training network.

The trip also provided a great opportunity to utilise the Cirrus SR22T – to save time, beat the airlines, and get right to our destination. Departing Sywell Aerodrome in the UK, we climbed initially outside controlled airspace, and London Information on 124.600 kindly activated our flight plan, and passed us straight away to London Centre. A shortcut and climb to FL210 was given, and donning our comfortable oxygen masks, the Turbocharged engine started to demonstrate its benefits, allowing us to maintain a high rate of climb, maintaining a strong climb speed.

Being at 21,000ft, we were above the weather fronts over Europe, and after around 2.5 hours, we started a gradual descent into Prague. The 22T’s Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) and TKS Fluid System soon removed any traces of icing we picked up as we passed through the cloud on our approach into Prague, and in only 3 hrs and 10 minutes, we were safely pulling onto stand!

After a great few days in Prague – including a dinner cruise down the River Vltava – we departed back to rainy England, cruising at FL180 on the return. A slightly longer flight on the way back, but in only 3 hrs 45 mins from departing, we were safely on the ground at Leicester Airport. The #cirruslife unlocks new opportunities, and allows you to save valuable time, all whilst having great fun and enjoying flying and the views. See some of the photos below from the trip and the historic centre of Prague. All possible, thanks to Cirrus Aircraft and the amazing SR22T aircraft.