G6: The Smartest, Safest, Most Advanced Cirrus Ever


All-new 2017 Cirrus Aircraft G6

The Cirrus Aircraft G6, featuring the Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck and Cirrus Spectra™ wingtip lighting, is an exquisite alliance of simplicity and performance, seamlessly connecting aircraft and aviator. Ultra high speed processors support enhanced safety features, and the QWERTY keypad provides a familiar and intuitive interface with a new, convenient HOME button to navigate to the base map screen with a single button push. Enhanced wireless connectivity enables quick transfer of flight plan and weather information and convenient data updates via a mobile device. Couple this with luxury automotive inspired Cirrus Spectra™ wingtip lighting and it’s easy to see why the G6 is the smartest, safest, most innovative piston aircraft available today.

Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin

At the core of the revolutionary G6 is the all new, next generation Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck by Garmin. Inspired by Garmin’s latest NXi integrated platform, Perspective+ takes features Cirrus pilots have come to love and makes them even better. Ten (10x) times faster processing speed than prior Cirrus Perspective® avionics gives pilots enhanced performance and safety capabilities found in advanced turbine flight decks, such as animated datalink weather, SurfaceWatch™ safety protection, payload management, visual approach capabilities, wireless database uploads and more. The all-new keypad controller sports a Cirrus-first QWERTY interface, allowing you to make a seamless transition from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your personal aircraft. And to make navigating the avionics and flight deck interface even easier, Perspective+ has an all new HOME key – bringing you back to your main navigating functions with the touch of just one button. The new autopilot controller, which features the iconic Blue Level Button first brought to market by Cirrus, ties the piston and jet product lines together from the optional automatic Yaw Damper functionality to the same controller used on the revolutionary Vision Jet.




Cirrus Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting

Taking cues from high performance luxury and exotic automobiles once again, Cirrus Aircraft has redefined and raised the definition of ‘ramp presence’ and lighting safety for personal aircraft. Working with Whelen Engineering, the global leader in emergency lighting and signaling solutions, Cirrus Aircraft developed the Cirrus Spectra wingtip. Incorporating multiple, powerful LEDs behind one continuous lens, the dual-strobe Spectra wingtips combine power, style, and intelligence resulting in the brightest, most visible lighting solution ever offered by Cirrus. Brightness has increased two-fold for better visibility on landings, automotive-style wingtip halo lighting automatically operates within 300′ of the surface and on the ground making an iconic and bold statement, and pulsing “wig-wag” functionality above 300′ maximizes visibility to others giving the G6 an unmistakable presence anywhere in the world, day and night.

G6 SR20

The global standard in technologically advanced, affordable high-performance piston training aircraft is all new for 2017 as well. In addition to the Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck, the aircraft now comes equipped with a modernized Lycoming IO-390, 215HP powerplant. This four-cylinder G6 SR20 creates a step change in the ownership experience as it increases power while, through a collection of additional enhancements, also increases useful load by up to 150lbs (68kg). And now standard on every G6 SR20 are the new Cirrus-designed Spectra wingtips. For 2017, SR20 operators will now command the new global standard in flight decks, fly longer missions, potentially carry additional passengers and more.


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