Cirrus Embark


Transition training through our global network of Cirrus Training Centers is the first step to enjoying The Cirrus Life – whether you purchase a new or pre-owned Cirrus aircraft.

Cirrus Embark is a program designed exclusively for new owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. The program includes complimentary training to address the specific needs of pilots and owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft.

Complimentary Cirrus Transition Training

Designed for licensed pilots transitioning into a Cirrus aircraft, this course focuses on mastering aircraft control and avionics, along with standard procedures. The course satisfies most insurance requirements and includes up to 3 days of flight training with an authorized Cirrus Training Partner.

Access to the Cirrus Approach Learning Portal

Cirrus Approach is created with your lifestyle in mind, enhancing your flight training with a library of engaging courses and videos that can be accessed from anywhere in the world on your schedule. Cirrus Approach prepares you for flight training at your own pace, before and after your transition training.
Scenario-Based Learning

Qualifying for Cirrus Embark

Cirrus Embark is offered complimentary to new owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. A short questionnaire is required as part of the enrollment process to determine if you meet the qualifications and to help place you with a Cirrus Training Partner.

To qualify for Cirrus Embark, you must meet the following criteria:

Must be the direct owner or designated pilot of a pre-owned Cirrus aircraft.
Indirect ownership, such as a flying club, does not qualify for Cirrus Embark. Owners who are not pilots and who are not currently undergoing pilot training may designate one personal pilot for enrollment in the program, provided they meet all other qualifications. Training must be conducted in the pre-owned Cirrus aircraft qualifying for Cirrus Embark and the aircraft must be in legal, airworthy condition.

One Cirrus Embark training per pre-owned Cirrus aircraft purchase.
For each purchase of a pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, only one direct owner or designated pilot may take advantage of Cirrus Embark. This offer is limited to one training event per customer for the lifetime of the program.

Must apply within one month of purchase and complete the Cirrus Embark program within two months of enrollment.
Direct owners or designated pilots of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft must enroll into Cirrus Embark within thirty (30) days of aircraft delivery. Once enrolled into the program, the owner or designated pilot must complete the training within sixty (60) days.

Must be used to complete Cirrus Transition or Differences Training Course.
Cirrus Embark is designed for owners with little or no experience flying a Cirrus aircraft. Therefore, the training syllabus follows a strict lesson flow focusing on introducing the pilot to the aircraft. The complimentary flight instruction shall not be utilized to accomplish a flight review, instrument proficiency check or ferry flight activities.

Terms & Conditions
*A maximum of 3 full days of flight training will be provided.
**Authorized Cirrus training providers include Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots, Cirrus Authorized Training Centers, Cirrus Authorized Training Center Instructors and Cirrus Aircraft Instructor Pilots.
***Cirrus Embark applies to all pre-owned SR20, SR22, SR22TN and SR22T aircraft. Cirrus Embark does not apply to the Vision Jet.
****Cirrus Aircraft reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time, with or without notice and also reserves the right to cancel or discontinue participation in Embark training by any particular Embark user if Cirrus determines in its sole discretion that the user’s actions or inactions are inconsistent with Cirrus’ commitment to safety standards and professionalism.