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Cirrus IQ™

Cirrus IQ is the mobile pilot intelligence-hub that organizes your Cirrus Life. Cirrus IQ allows you to track fuel, other fluid levels, maintenance intervals, flights, Technical Publications and find a Cirrus partner near your current location.

Cirrus IQ Features

Vision Jet

Proactively check key aircraft readiness items, which are updated after each flight from virtually anywhere in the world. These key items currently include the last known status of fuel and oxygen levels, aircraft location, flight hours, engine cycles and more. Cirrus IQ also makes aircraft ownership increasingly streamlined with Maintenance Minder to help owners keep track of their aircraft maintenance intervals. In addition, Cirrus IQ reports monthly engine hours and cycles for the Vision Jet, automatically.

SR Series

Remotely access important pre-flight status information, including fuel and oxygen levels, battery voltage, oil temperature, aircraft location and flight hours. Track important inspection events like hourly and annual inspections with Maintenance Minder to help keep track of important maintenance intervals and receive reminders when they are due.

My Trips & Achievements

Automatically log each flight taken along with achievements to see what you have accomplished living The Cirrus Life™.

Technical Publications

Technical Publications lists and provides push notifications for technical publication updates that are applicable to your specific aircraft.

Find Us

Find Us allows you to quickly locate authorized service and training partners near you, as well as Cirrus Campuses, directly within the app.

Always Connected

Cirrus IQ™ gives you remote access to critical aircraft information from virtually anywhere in the world.

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