Cirrus IQ FAQ

What is Cirrus IQ and how does it work? Cirrus IQ is a connected ecosystem for SR-Series aircraft and Vision Jet. With the Cirrus IQ mobile app, you may keep tabs on your aircraft status and health from nearly anywhere. You can track fuel, other fluid levels, maintenance intervals, flights, Technical Publications, and find a Cirrus partner near your current location. Cirrus IQ is powered by a module installed in the aircraft. It has an LTE-cellular connection that sends relevant data to the Cirrus Cloud post-flight, and when you request updated information from the mobile app (SR-Series Only).
How do I know if my aircraft is compatible with Cirrus IQ? Any SR-series aircraft that was manufactured after January 1, 2020, and originally delivered to a supported country will have the necessary hardware installed to use Cirrus IQ. Aircraft produced after January 1, 2020, that were delivered to an unsupported country will not have the hardware installed. All Vision Jet aircraft produced after July 1st, 2023 have Cirrus IQ hardware installed. Contact Field Service for further questions.
Where is Cirrus IQ supported? Cirrus IQ is supported in the United States, Canada, European Union, Great Britain, and Australia.
What devices is Cirrus IQ compatible with? Cirrus IQ is available for iOS and iPad OS only.
I am taking delivery of a Cirrus IQ-equipped aircraft, how do I get access? New aircraft: Your Delivery Advisor will invite you to activate your Cirrus IQ account on delivery day.

Pre-owned: Create an account @, then complete the ownership transfer form – Cirrus Ownership Change Form.
I’ve sold my aircraft; how do I remove Cirrus IQ access? Please contact Field Service at 218.788.3000 or to inform them of the sale.

If you are in contact with the new owner, please direct them to complete the ownership transfer form to gain access to Cirrus IQ – Cirrus Ownership Change Form
How do I add more users to Cirrus IQ? The owner of an aircraft can invite additional users by navigating within the app to “Manage Users,” located under the “More” menu button.
Can I be connected to multiple aircraft with one user account? Yes, a single user can have multiple aircraft associated with their account. The respective owner must invite the user from the app to gain access to the aircraft.
Can I grant Cirrus IQ access for my aircraft to a CSIP Instructor, Cirrus Training Center, or Authorized Service Center? You can grant access to any entity or individual with an email address.
Does Cirrus IQ show the current location of my plane? When your aircraft lands, it will determine the airport your aircraft is located and display this information in “My Hangar.”
Does Cirrus IQ provide me with information on my last flight? Yes. Navigate to the “My Trips” feature to see relevant flight information for previous flights.
Why do my HOBBS and FLIGHT meters differ from what I see in the mobile app? With analog meters and software, there will be occasional drift over time. Simply tap on the HOBBS or FLIGHT times on the Details screen and update the times to match what you see in your aircraft.
Will inspection items automatically update after service has been completed? No – users must manually enter inspection dates and flight hours, then click “Update” to reset inspection intervals.
Where can I find information about Cirrus Aircraft’s privacy practices related to Cirrus IQ? Cirrus Aircraft’s Privacy Policy can be found by clicking the Privacy Policy link located in the “More” menu in-app, or by navigating to – Cirrus Aircraft Privacy Policy
What are the terms & conditions associated with using Cirrus IQ? Users must agree to the end user license agreement when they first login to the app. It can be found under the “More” menu in-app, or by navigating to – Cirrus Aircraft End User License Agreement
What does the ‘Share Location’ toggle do in the settings menu? This allows the “Find Us” feature to show the nearest Cirrus partners to your location on the map.
I have updated the app and/or can’t log in. Verify that your credentials are accurate. If so, we suggest resetting your password using the provided link on the login screen. If that doesn’t work, we suggest deleting and reinstalling the app.

If that does not work, please contact Field Service at 218.788.3000 or
Why won’t my aircraft connect? If your aircraft is in an area of challenging cellular reception, the module may not be able to receive the command to update information in the app. Once the aircraft travels to a location with sufficient cellular reception, connection should be restored.

If that does not work, please contact Field Service at 218.788.3000 or
I’ve changed my tail number how do I update it in Cirrus IQ? Please contact Field Service at 218.788.3000 or to report your new tail number.
My Oxygen or TKS fluid is missing from the app, how do I fix this? Please contact Field Service at 218.788.3000 or
I’ve found a bug in the app; how do I report it? Please complete a bug report here – Cirrus IQ Bug Report
How may I share an idea I have for a Cirrus IQ feature? Please complete this form to submit your idea – Cirrus IQ Feature Request