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TRAC | Built for Flight Training

  • Our decision to purchase an SR22 fleet for training underscores our commitment to equip the Academy, as well as the aviation industry, with the infrastructure needed to produce a highly-skilled pilot workforce.
    Adel Al Redha
    Executive Vice President & COO, Emirates Airlines
  • The TRAC aircraft offers a technologically advanced training platform that ultimately provides them with a competitive advantage in the workforce.
    Dr. Raymond Thompson
    Western Michigan University


Built on the industry-leading platform of simplicity and performance that seamlessly connects the aircraft and the pilot for improved workload management and extended training opportunities, the TRAC Series is the ideal choice for world-class training institutions around the globe.

Useful Load 1028 lbs (469kg) 1328 lbs (605 kg) 1246 lbs (568 kg)
Engine Lycoming IO-390-C3B6 Continental IO-550-N Continental TSIO-550-K Turbocharged
Stall Speed with Flaps 57 KCAS 60 KCAS 60 KCAS
Takeoff 1,685 ft (514 m) 1082 ft (330 m) 1517 ft (462m)
Climb Rate 781 ft/min (3.97 m/sec) 1270 ft/min (6.45 m/sec) 1203 ft/min (6.1 m/sec)
  • Performance Meets Durability

    The interior is designed to tackle the unique needs of a training environment, including all-weather floor liners, synthetic materials, durable plastic grab handles, and wear-resistant seats.

  • Optimized Workspace

    With more space than any other 5-seater training aircraft in the world and an optional air conditioning, the TRAC Series is the optimal environment to work and learn.

  • Room for Observation

    The rear seat offers a spacious viewing platform, perfect for a ride along with an extra student or flight instructor to maximize training time.

Stick Shaker

Redesigned pilot and copilot yokes offer integrated stick shakers that provide tactile cues to warn you of an impending aerodynamic stall.

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)

The ESP system aids in correcting unusual flight attitudes and preventing stalls. It assists without distracting the pilot or degrading the flight experience, even when autopilot is disengaged.

Cuffed Wing

Every TRAC Series aircraft features a cuffed wing design developed by NASA. This unique wing provides a discontinuous leading edge to minimize the potential for spin entry after an inadvertent stall.

Four Point Airbag Seatbelts

Our approach to safety goes beyond systems in the aircraft and includes providing the safest, most capable environment with four-point airbag seatbelts for the pilot and co-pilot.

Flap Airspeed Protection

Integrated smart systems monitor your airspeed to protect you from accidentally deploying or retracting flaps.

Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting

Twice the brightness, Spectra Wingtip Lighting incorporates automotive-style wingtip halo lighting within 300 feet of the surface and pulsing “wig wag” functionality above 300 feet to maximize visibility.

Advanced Flight Deck

Equipped with modern and relevant systems and avionics, including the Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® flight deck, no aircraft in the world better supports early advanced learning than the TRAC Series.

Large Displays

Cirrus Perspective Touch+ includes larger, more colorful displays and offers three times more resolution making them ideal for viewing charts, managing your flight plan or keeping an eye on the weather.

Tools and Systems

The multitude of tools and systems, along with smart redundancy features like dual alternators and dual batteries, make the TRAC Series a true IFR aircraft.

Perspective Touch+ by Garmin®

Responsive, icon-based “touch keys” provide quick access to flight planning, mapping, procedures, audio controls, synoptic pages and more. Shallow menus ensure every function you need and returning to the home screen are only a few taps away.


A fully digital, three-axis autopilot delivers precise lateral and vertical navigation guidance for a smooth ride. This jet-class feature includes the industry first Blue Level Button for added safety.

Redesigned Yoke

The restyled power lever borrows design cues from the Vision Jet, while updated side yokes provide comfort with convenience right at hand.

Split-Screen Display

The new split-screen capability on the PFD and MFD simultaneously provides up to three separate windows to present all the information you need while in flight.

Adaptive Training

At Cirrus Aircraft, we believe a pilot never stops learning. Our team is here to support as you ready your new fleet and continue to engage your students in the many years to come.

World-Class Service & Support

The TRAC Series has been meticulously designed to minimize maintenance and support. From identifying the best suppliers to creating a comprehensive onboarding program for your operations team, we work to ensure better durability on the aircraft before you ever fly it.

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