Discover Cirrus Australia Locations

Discover Cirrus Australia Locations

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  • Australian Capital Territory

    Friday, 25 November
    8am to 10am
    Canberra Aero Club-YSCB
    Gate 4, Nomad Drive, Canberra Airport, Canberra, ACT

  • New South Wales

    Friday, 28 October
    8am to 10am
    Fly Oz Training School-YCWR
    Cowra Airport, 112 Airport Rd, Cowra, NSW

    Friday, 28 October
    3pm to 5pm
    Dubbo Aero Club-YSDU
    8 Howe Place, Dubbo Regional Airport, Dubbo, NSW

    Saturday, 29 October
    8am to 10am
    Mudgee Aero Club-YMDG
    41 George Campbell Drive, Mudgee Airport, Mudgee, NSW

    Saturday, 29 October
    3pm to 5pm
    Bathurst Aero Club-YBTH
    PJ Moodie Drive, Bathurst Aerodrome, Raglan, NSW

    Thursday, 17 November
    3pm to 5pm
    Sigma Aerospace-YSTW
    Hangar 7 Shand Circuit, Tamworth Airport, Tamworth, NSW

    Friday, 18 November
    8am to 10am
    Hastings District Flying Club-YPMQ
    Oliver Drive, Port Macquarie Airport, Port Macquarie, NSW

    Friday, 18 November
    3pm to 5pm
    Royal Newcastle Aero Club-YMND
    604 New England Highway, Rutherford, NSW

    Thrusday 24 November
    4pm to 8pm
    Cirrus Aircraft Sales Centre-YSBK
    15 Stinson Crescent, Bankstown Airport, Bankstown, NSW

    Friday, 25 November
    3pm to 5pm
    48-54 Avalon Street, Albury, NSW

  • Northern Territory

    Friday, 28 October
    4pm to 7pm
    Alice Springs Aero Club-YBAS
    14/16 Davis Drive, Alice Springs, NT

    Saturday, 29 October
    4pm to 7pm
    Flight Standards-YPDN
    5 Slade Court, Eaton, NT

  • Queensland

    Tuesday, 6 December
    8am to 10am
    Roma Aero Club-YROM
    Roma Aero Clubhouse, 5 Hangar Drive, Roma Airport, Roma, QLD

    Wednesday, 7 December
    8am to 10am
    Mackay Aero Club-YBMK
    46 Casey Avenue, Mackay, QLD

    Thursday 8, December
    8am to 10am
    Townsville Flight Training-YBTL
    85 Old Common Rd, Rowes Bay, QLD

    Friday 9, December
    8am to 10am
    Elite Aviation Services-YWTN
    Winton Airport, Landsborough Highway, Corfield, QLD

  • South Australia

    Saturday, 8 October
    12pm to 2pm
    Aero Service-YPPF
    Hangar 58, Anderson Drive, Parfield Airport, SA

    Sunday, 9 October
    12pm to 2pm
    Port Lincoln Flying Club-YPLC
    Lincoln Highway, North Shields, SASaturday, 26 November
    12pm to 2pm
    Naracoorte Aero Club-YNRC
    Aerodrome Road, Naracoorte, SA

  • Tasmania

    Saturday, 3 December
    12pm to 2pm
    Tasmanian Aero Club-YMLT
    289 Evandale Road, Western Junction, TAS

    Sunday, 4 December
    12pm to 2pm
    Wynyard Aero Club-YWYY
    Airport Street, Wynyard, TAS

  • Victoria

    Saturday, 22 October
    12pm to 2pm
    Latrobe Valley Aero Club-YLTV
    75 Airfield Road, Traralgon, VIC

    Saturday, 5 November
    10am to 4pm
    Benalla Gliding Club-YBLA
    35 Samaria Road, Benalla, VIC

    Friday, 11 November
    5pm onwards
    Mount Gambier Aero Club-YMTG
    Airport Road, Wandilo, SA

    Sunday, 20 November
    12pm to 2pm
    Lethbridge Air Park-YLED
    3429 Midland Highway, Lethbridge, VIC

    Sunday, 18 December
    12pm to 2pm
    Arc Aviation-YMMB
    25 Northern Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, VIC

  • Western Australia

    Thursday, 13 October
    3pm to 5pm
    Albany Aero Club-YABA
    Hangar 6, Albany Regional Airport, 360 Albany Hwy, Drome WA

    Friday, 14 October
    12pm to 2pm
    Bunbury Aero Club-YBUN
    Rear Car Park Bunbury Airport, Off South West Hwy, Bunbury, WA

    Saturday, 15 October
    10am to 12pm
    Royal Aero Club-YPJT
    41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot, WA