Keeping your Vision Jet in the air is our highest priority. That’s why we designed JetStream with the owner in mind. It goes far beyond a standard warranty to provide the added benefits of normal wear replacement, recurrent training, direct support from our talented team and much more. As a revolutionary comprehensive program, it’s your access to worry-free ownership.

Dedicated Support

Cirrus ASSIST™ is available to support you – no matter where in the world you are. Our highly trained and specialized team is a phone call away, offering expedited parts delivery and a mobile team to ensure your aircraft is maintained to the highest standard and back in the air as soon as possible.

Value & Predictability

Jetstream takes the work out of planning for maintenance and unforeseen repairs on your Vision Jet, providing predictability and added value to enhance insurance rates and lending opportunities. It means less time fretting over expenses and more time enjoying The Cirrus Life.

Complete Engine Coverage

The added assurance of the award-winning TAP Blue program from Williams International keeps your Vision Jet flying high. This all-encompassing plan includes both required maintenance and a range of additional protections for unforeseen events.

Turnkey Maintenance

Complete maintenance coverage keeps your Vision Jet flying like it’s brand new with “zero” hours on the clock – bringing peace of mind during operation and increased value when it comes time to sell your plane. JetStream also includes recurring scheduled maintenance, as well as common wear and tear costs.

Training for Your Lifestyle

With JetStream, you will always be instrument current and ready to handle flight conditions safely and confidently. Training coverage encompasses the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) completed in your own aircraft or a Cirrus training rental aircraft every six months including instructor time along with Annual Recurrent Training to prepare you for the required yearly proficiency check.

CAPS® Overhaul

JetStream includes a 10-year parachute repack and component overhaul to ensure this unique safety system is maintained at the highest quality and ready when you need it most.

JetStream Program Summary

Simplify and protect your ownership experience with the all-encompassing JetStream Concierge program.

All Day – Every Day Customer Phone Support
Complete Turbine Engine Coverage – Powered by Williams International TAP Blue1
CAPS® Overhaul (10-Year Parachute Repack & Component Replacement)
Annual Recurrent Training for One Pilot
Scheduled Airframe/Avionics Maintenance – Including Parts & Labor
Unscheduled Airframe/Avionics Maintenance – Including Parts & Labor
Normal Wear Item Replacement
Expedited Parts Delivery for Grounded Aircraft (AOG)
Mandatory Service Bulletins and AFM Updates
Recommended Service Bulletins
Access to Cirrus Assist™ (AOG Service, Support, Inspection & Solution Team)
Expedited Parts Delivery for Grounded Aircraft (AOG)
Electric Charts and Database Updates
Cirrus IQ
Sirius/XM Weather & Audio2
Iridium Data and Weather Subscription for Cirrus Global Connect
1 Covered under Williams International TAP Blue program, administered by Cirrus Aircraft.
2 Provided for U.S. based aircraft only.