Smart Lift

A SmartLift™ for your Fleet.

Learn how the Vision Jet can expand your flight department's capabilities with a world-class experience for your crew and passengers.

The Vision Jet Has You Covered

Mission Multiplier

Ownership Support

Award-Winning Safety

Mission Capable

The Vision Jet provides a best-in-class economical regional solution while offering uncompromised passenger comfort and unrivaled safety.

Diversify Your Fleet

Discover how the Sweetwater team uses the Vision Jet to add flexibility and efficiency to their fleet.
  • Operational Agility

    The Vision Jet allows your flight department to meet company demands at a moment’s notice.

  • Regional Workhorse

    The Vision Jet adds regional flexibility for 200-1,000 NM missions, while also offering maximum cost efficiency.

  • Flight Crew & Staff Repositioning

    Reposition your flight crew and transport corporate staff with the Vision Jet safely and efficiently.

  • Flexible Cabin Configurations

    The Vision Jet can easily transform into multiple cabin configurations by the pilot including executive seating for two passengers, family seating for five and no seat option for hauling larger items.

Designed For Your Flight Department

Cirrus Aircraft provides a world-class experience, as well as the industry’s only total safety solution with Safe Return emergency autoland and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®).

Discover the Award-Winning Vision Jet

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Compelling Efficiency

Enjoy all the benefits of a turbine engine, including the speed, cruising altitude and pressurization at remarkably lower operating costs.