Holiday Gift Ideas for Cirrus Pilots, Owners and Enthusiasts 
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Cirrus Pilots, Owners and Enthusiasts 

December 7, 2023

The holiday season is here and signs of it abound. “Jingle Bells” is playing on the radio, Christmas trees are being sold and Santa Claus has appeared at the local mall. It is a special time of year to take time to be thankful for each other and give gifts to show appreciation and love.  

Finding that perfect gift can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have created this holiday gift guide to help you bring joy to the Cirrus Aircraft enthusiast in your life. To further assist, we are including complimentary domestic two-day shipping with the purchase of $200 or more from the Cirrus Store through Friday, December 15th, 2023 – use the code 2SHIP1223 at check out.  

Have a wonderful holiday season. 

– Cirrus Aircraft 

Gifts that keep you warm:  

Men’s North Face Bubble Jacket ($299) and Women’s North Face Bubble Jacket ($299, pictured) 

Carhartt Beanie ($48) 

Pom Women’s Pom Beanie Faux Fur ($42) 

Touch Screen Fleece Gloves ($32, pictured) and Touch Screen Gloves ($24) 

Luxury Cable Knit Blanket ($199) 

Flight Essentials:  

SR Series Chock Set ($299) and Vision Jet Chock Set ($349, pictured) 

MyGoFlight PLC Pro ($325) 

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Flight Bag ($185) 

For your future pilot: 

Youth Aviator Jacket ($99) 

Plush SR Series and Plush Vision Jet ($24.99) 

A perfect stocking stuffer:  

Vision Jet Ornament and Piston SR Series Ornament ($20.95)