Our Favorite Supplies to Get Ready for Spring Flying
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Our Favorite Supplies to Get Ready for Spring Flying

April 5, 2021

After a long winter filled with short days and cold temperatures, we are always ready for spring. Longer days, warm sunshine and the increased willingness of friends and family to embark on spontaneous adventures is welcome news to any pilot.

Spring flying is one of our favorites. Aside from warmer weather, the season also makes an ideal time to continue flight training or brush up on your pilot skills. This mild season offers many overcast days to practice instrument flying without the less predictable thunderstorms that summertime brings. If you and your plane have been hibernating through the winter, now is a great time to refresh your skills and review the new Take-Offs and Landings Course from Cirrus Approach.

We’re already packing our gear for our next flying adventures and to help get you started we’ve included a few of our go-to favorites below to help you gear up and get out prepared.

SR Series and Vision Jet Gear from The Cirrus Store

Shield Your Engine from the Birds

Warmer weather brings out wildlife, and springtime is the peak time for bird nests. You might think a couple of days outside on the ramp is safe, but you would be surprised by just how fast our flying friends can build their nests.

Make sure to complete a full pre-flight inspection every time you fly, paying close attention to the engine and tail cone or rudder bottom. The SR Series Cowl Plug and Pitot Set and the Vision Jet Inlet and Exhaust Set are essential gear for every Cirrus aircraft to keep the favorite nooks inaccessible by birds, in the spring and throughout the year.

Enjoy the Sunshine Outside, Not Inside

As the sun gets brighter and the days get longer your cabin can get heated parked outside. The SR Series Sun Shades and Vision Jet Sun Shades are designed to fit your aircraft perfectly to protect your interior from the sun and keep the cabin comfortable, even if you depart in the bright light of the afternoon. It’s one of our favorite things to pack on board as we travel and rely on outside parking instead of our home hangar.

Protect Your Exterior from the Weather

Your flying adventures take you many places – and some of our favorite locations are small airports with limited or no hangar parking. This means relying on ramp parking and leaving your aircraft exposed to the elements, including the unpredictable precipitation of spring. The SR Series Canopy Cover and Vision Jet Canopy Cover provides superior protection for your paint and windows and is a fantastic add-on to your cargo supplies and gear all year round.

SR Series Gear from Cirrus Direct

Simplify Your Tire Pressure Monitoring

While the spring brings warmer temperatures, it also promises cool evenings and mornings with the possibility of large temperature fluctuations that can affect tire pressure.

Our redesigned Wheel Access Door allows for convenient tire pressure regulation without removal of the entire fairing. This design, launched on new SR Series aircraft, is now also available as an aftermarket upgrade on the following serial numbers: SR20 (Serial Numbers 1886-2221); SR22 (Serial Numbers 2348-3914); and SR22T (Serial Number 001-0441).

Feel Confident Flying Into the Sunshine

After a long winter, we’ll take flying into the bright, warm sunshine any day. The new opaque Sun Visor helps to further filter unwanted sunlight and UV rays to make flying in the bright sun more comfortable for pilots and passengers. The visor was developed by Rosen and includes two (2) black opaque visors and all installation parts.

Secure Your Favorite Beverage

No matter what adventure you’re embarking on, it’s always nice to have your beverage of choice on board. The new Cup Holder designed exclusively for the SR Series secures your beverage safely as you fly. The kit includes a matching Aviator Canteen with Safelock technology to keep your drink as hot or cold as it was when you departed.