Preparing Your Aircraft, and Yourself, for Spring Flying
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Preparing Your Aircraft, and Yourself, for Spring Flying

March 17, 2022

Spring marks the return of warmer weather, longer days and one of the most exciting times of the year to fly. And, we find that a few, key pro tips will ensure a seamless experience for pilots and passengers alike.

Throughout his 15 years of experience across Cirrus Aircraft’s flight training, service and deliveries departments, Travis Klumb has seen most everything. So, we caught up with our director of aircraft deliveries and ramp operations to hear his eight essential tips for preparing your aircraft, and yourself, for spring flying.

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Tip 1: Inspect Your Aircraft

If your aircraft has been hangared for an extended period of time, check for any signs of insects or rodents. If your aircraft has been stored outside, check for birds’ nests in the tail, inlets and exhaust.

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Tip 2: Check Your Vitals

Spring is an ideal time to inflate your tires to the recommended PSI, inspect your oleo struts for proper inflation, thoroughly sump your fuel system, and top off your oxygen and TKS fluid (if equipped). And, while you’re at it, be sure to run your TKS system to ensure that it’s flowing correctly.

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Tip 3: Spring Cleaning

Starting the spring off with a sparklingly clean aircraft undeniably helps you look your best on the ramp. But, it also assists with improving aerodynamics and identifying any type of fluid leak that has occurred. Don’t forget to detail your interior too. Taking the time to vacuum your carpet, condition your leather or Alcantara, and clean your glass will help you start the new flying season off on the right foot.

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Tip 4: Double Check Your Records

Before you get fully back into the swing of things, be sure to review your logbooks and your Cirrus IQ app to ensure that your scheduled maintenance is up-to-date, and all service bulletins are complied with. It’s also a great time to review your insurance and registration.

Tip 5: Re-Read Your POH

Sure, it sounds boring… But, re-reading your pilot’s operating handbook is an important annual refresher. Sections 7 and 8 are tremendous reminders on the systems that your aircraft possesses and how to best care for them to ensure their longevity.

Tip 6: De-Ice Your Vision Jet Boots

Spring is a tremendous time to show your de-ice boots some love. Stripping them down (hot) and reapplying fresh polish and protectant will ensure they’re ready for when cold weather comes back around.

Tip 7: Add New Upgrades and Accessories

If you’ve had your eye on some upgrades and accessories, spring is a tremendous time to connect with our Cirrus Direct experts. Accessories such as upgraded lighting and sun visors can truly improve the look, feel and function of your aircraft.

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Tip 8: Refresh Yourself

Before undergoing a challenging flight for the first time in a while, take a lap or two in the pattern to ease back into the act of flying and jog your muscle memory.

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