SR Series G7: Cirrus Perspective Touch+™
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SR Series G7: Cirrus Perspective Touch+™

June 20, 2024

First delivered in 1999, the SR Series redefined general aviation and became the best-selling high-performance single-engine piston aircraft in general aviation. With the launch of the SR Series G7, Cirrus focused on creating a more approachable aircraft and flight deck to invite more people to experience personal aviation.

“The new SR Series G7 is a testament to our mission and design philosophy of innovation, quality and safety,” said Zean Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus. “Our team and our aircraft provide a clear path to enter and advance within the personal aviation community by streamlining learning how to fly and transitioning to the Vision Jet with ease.”

The Cirrus team thoughtfully selected the Perspective Touch+ flight deck powered by Garmin because it offers familiar touchscreen interfaces, reduces pilot workload and enhances situational awareness. The Cirrus SR Series G7 Perspective Touch+ invites people to experience a new way of personal travel.

Design Philosophy Cirrus Perspective Touch+™

In the mid-1990s, Cirrus revolutionized the aviation industry by introducing a 10-inch multi-function display in the SR20. Not long after, the SR Series became the first to feature a complete glass cockpit incorporating the primary flight display that other manufacturers soon adopted as an industry standard. This pioneering spirit continues with the SR Series G7 and integrating the Cirrus Perspective Touch+, which boasts two dual 14-inch high-resolution displays and touch controllers providing unprecedented clarity and functionality ultimately transforming the flight deck into a state-of-the-art command center.

Ivy McIver, Executive Director of the SR Series Product Line of Cirrus, said that the philosophy for moving toward an all-touchscreen flight deck was reminiscent and empowering:

“I compare it to looking at the space shuttle back in the 80s. I remember looking at the flight deck of the space shuttle and thinking – I could never be an astronaut; it looks so complicated. Fast forward to May 2020 and the launch of the Crew Dragon shuttle – the flight deck looked so clean and simple with modern touchscreen avionics. It seemed approachable and made me think for a moment that maybe I could be an astronaut. We wanted the G7 to invoke those same feelings.”

Cirrus SR20 featuring first10-inch multi-function display

Cirrus SR20 featuring first10-inch multi-function display

Key Features of Cirrus Perspective Touch+™


Before the SR Series G7 takes you up to 25,000 feet, you need to get off the ground safely.

With SafeWatch, monitor your aircraft’s location and receive visual and audio alerts to prevent taking off or landing on the wrong runway, or a runway that is too short. SafeWatch also displays the remaining runway length, significantly enhancing pilot situational awareness.

Surface Watch on a cirrus

Taxiway Routing & 3D SafeTaxi:

Taxiway Routing and 3D SafeTaxi are powerful features that complement each other.

Taxiway Routing ensures confident and safe taxiing while 3D SafeTaxi provides a detailed view of the airport environment. Combined, these features help navigate even the most complex airports. Enter a taxi clearance with ease and follow it with clearly displayed progressive instructions on the map in 3D to highlight hangars, terminals, taxiways, aprons, signs and other markings. 

taxiway routing on cirrus

Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)

Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) received a big update with the launch of the SR Series G7. Pilots enjoy a clear digital view during all phases of flight to improve safety regardless of the conditions or time of day.

Displaying a 3D virtual image of the ground, water, obstacles and new features like airport identifiers, that start 25 miles out and initially show in 4NM intervals, and as the runway gets closer, they will appear every 2NM intervals and then 1NM intervals, making approaches easier as well as having one less thing to worry about when you hear the classic “report 5 mile final.”  

synthetic vision on cirrus plane

Scroll Wheel, CAS-Linked Checklists & Messaging

Checklist Scroll Wheel:

The Checklist Scroll Wheel and CAS-Linked Checklists further enhance pilot efficiency and safety.

The scroll wheel, a feature adopted from the Vision Jet, allows pilots to navigate through checklists with ease. While CAS-Linked Checklists automatically display relevant checklists based on system alerts and notifications.

Together, these features ensure that the pilot has immediate access to critical procedures when needed, eliminating the need for intensive searching. 

checklist scroll wheel

CAS-Linked Messaging

With CAS Message Linking, the system automatically nominates a checklist based on activation of a crew alerting message. This feature links a Crew Alerting System (CAS) message with the applicable checklist, providing a new group dedicated to CAS-linked checklists. When a CAS message is active, the CAS Linking feature uses that group to list the checklist linked to the message. The flight crew has the option to disregard the nominated checklists and access other checklist groups if required, making CAS linking more efficient than searching through a full set of lists. 

CAS linked messaging

Garmin Touchscreen Controller

The Garmin Touchscreen Controllers in the Perspective Touch+™ system set a new standard for ease of use and pilot convenience.

These controllers feature responsive, icon-based “touch keys” that provide quick access to essential functions such as flight planning, mapping, procedures, audio controls and synoptics. The touchscreen interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, even in high-workload situations, allowing pilots to manage complex tasks with a few simple touches. The integration of these controllers with the Perspective Touch+ flight deck supports precise piloting and decision-making, ensuring a seamless and integrated flying experience. With features like gesture control and customizable layouts, the Garmin Touchscreen Controllers offer pilots a highly adaptable and efficient tool for managing the flight deck. 

cirrus touch controllers

Large Widescreen Displays

Now available in 12 or 14-inch displays, the pilot gains spilt-screen capabilities and can present up to three separate windows of critical information while flying. View an approach chart, engine parameters and navigational map on one stunning screen. The improved display quality and larger size make it easier for pilots to read and interpret data quickly, contributing to safer and more efficient flight operations. 

Cirrus widescreen displays

The Ultimate Flight Deck

The SR Series G7 equipped with Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ redefines personal aviation by combining cutting-edge technology, safety and connectivity. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or new to Cirrus, Perspective Touch+™ promises an unmatched flying experience, blending innovation with ease of use.

Visit Cirrus to learn more about the SR Series G7 or contact your dedicated Cirrus Sales Director.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our SR Series G7 blog series where we explore the performance and experience of the SR Series G7.