The Essentials for Springtime Flying
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The Essentials for Springtime Flying

March 20, 2023

Springtime flying means more daylight, bluer skies and traveling to more destinations. As crisp, clear skies and budding runway fields present picturesque flying conditions, thawing and preparing your aircraft for safe flight is essential before embarking on your next mission. 

Cirrus Flight Training Courses 

Our award-winning flight training program offers a diverse catalog of instructional video courses to anyone interested in earning their private pilot license or for the seasoned pilot to hone their skills. Be sure to check out the latest: 

The SR Series Maneuvers Course is the perfect primer for any upcoming training event with your local CSIP. Ride along with Mike Goulian, CSIP (and professional airshow performer), as he takes you through a real-time demonstration of each maneuver. Mike talks through the maneuver, points out helpful tricks and provides a little self-critique along the way. 

The SR Series Cross Country Procedures Course provides a real-life cross-country journey to the sunny beaches of Destin, Florida. Inside you’ll find a step-by-step guide to everything you’ll need for a cross-country flight, from building your flight plan, navigating tricky airspace, decoding weather and even flying at night.

The Takeoff and Landing Course offers 10 lessons in over five hours of training, from preflight preparation to proper execution – everything needed to make great takeoffs and landings. 

SR Series and Vision Jet Gear from The Cirrus Store 

Ensure you and your aircraft are fashioned with springtime essentials keeping you safe, comfortable and stylish.  

Every aircraft needs Cowl Plugs to prevent birds, bugs, and foreign objects from entering your Cirrus through the cowl or pitot tube with this Inlet Plug and Pitot Cover set. 

Travel off the grid with peace of mind with the In Reach Mini 2, a compact satellite communicator. A must-have for all pilots.  

Prevent your aircraft from damage by securing it with Slide Down Tie Downs to secure your aircraft to the ground anchors. The set includes three Slide Downs, one for each wing and the tail. 

Cirrus Store Trending Threads  

Stay comfortable and stylish in your favorite Cirrus tops. Ladies, check out this breathable UA Tank. Fellas, the Nike Hex Polo is a wardrobe staple. 

Cirrus Upgrades and Accessories

Lastly, feel comfortable flying during the brightest time of day with the Black Opaque Sun Visor.

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