Expert Flight Training

Wherever you are, there’s a Cirrus Aircraft Training Partner near you. So, make the most out of your flight training experience with insurance-endorsed, factory-level instruction that will maximize your Cirrus Life experience.

Cirrus Aircraft Training Network

  • Become a pilot

    Our global network of Cirrus Training Partners will help you experience the joy of flying, from an initial discovery flight through your entire Private Pilot flight training. Our team is here to support you throughout your journey and afterwards, too.

  • Learn to Fly a cirrus

    Your new Cirrus aircraft includes dedicated training with a Cirrus Instructor Pilot to ensure you’re comfortable with aircraft control, engine management, avionics and more. Advanced Transition training is also available for instrument-rated pilots.

  • Continued Education

    Safer pilots make safer skies. That’s why we offer engaging courses for every level to encourage a dedication to ongoing flight training. From avionics differences to recurrent training, our online learning portal has options designed for your schedule.

  • Vision Jet Training

    Our Vision Center offers the world’s premier pilot training experience for the Vision Jet, including a full-motion Level D flight simulator. This unique program allows you to train with our dedicated team of Vision Instructor Pilots to earn your Vision Jet Type Rating with confidence.