Personalize Your Dream.

Cirrus owners possess an unparalleled appreciation for quality and performance. And our exclusive Xi Design Studio takes you one step further, giving you direct access to our design team to tailor your aircraft all the way down to the stitch in the seats.

Go ahead. Start dreaming.

Bespoke Details

Personal Designer

Endless Design Possibilities

Your Vision

Your dream aircraft starts with you joining our design team. A dedicated Xi Specialist will work with you to tailor your Cirrus aircraft to your exact specifications. It starts with your vision and inspiration, followed by a special visit to our Xi Design Studio at our Vision Center Campus in Knoxville, Tennessee where you will make important design decisions before sending your personalized aircraft into production.

Tailored Details

Your Xi Specialist will help you evaluate and select materials and options for your aircraft. This process includes sketches created by our team and samples to ensure the details are tailored and approved by you. From the exterior paint, to every stitch in the seats, you will be involved in designing the Cirrus aircraft of your dreams.

Color Palette

A great design starts with a base color that sets the tone for the overall look. With the Xi Design Studio, you set the color palette to determine how bold your aircraft will be at first sight. The base color becomes the primary color for the entire aircraft and helps set the canvas for the added details that will set your Cirrus aircraft apart on the runway, including accent colors that can be added to the fuselage, wingtips and wheel pants to create the perfect aircraft you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Graphics

Whether you’re looking to advertise your business or celebrate your passion, our Xi Design Studio can create any graphic treatment, in any color, size or shape for your Cirrus aircraft to craft an exterior composition tailored to your wishes. Stripes, flourishes and final touches that enhance your aircraft’s look and individuality.