Winter Flying Tips
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Winter Flying Tips

January 29, 2024

Flying to your snowy mountain destination in your Cirrus aircraft is a magical experience. Pack your ski or snowboard gear and take to the sky with these winter flying tips.

Here are some winter flying tips to keep your Cirrus Life adventures safe and smooth:

Plan the Route: Flight planning is crucial in winter. Stay updated on weather, have alternates and be flexible with your route.

Airport Services: Use your Cirrus IQ mobile app to preliminary check your aircraft readiness items such as the last known status of fuel and oxygen levels, aircraft location, flight hours, engine cycles and more. Ensure that your destination airport carries important fluids like TKS (DTD-406B) and check how much they have on hand.

Pre-Flight Check: Thoroughly inspect your airplane, paying extra attention to winter-sensitive components and be sure to grab warm gear from the Cirrus Store.

Clear vs. Rime Ice: Know the difference. Be aware. Stay safe.

Ready to dive deeper into winter flying safety? Check out our exclusive Icing Awareness Course.